Chemsuite - A suite designed for chemistry on Linux
Chemsuite Developpment Status 

1. ChemIR

   chemIR can read, process, print and display perkin elmer spectra.

   TODO: JCAMP-DX filter, galactic filter, Nicolet filter ( it depends on legal issues, because nicolet doesn't publish the data format ) Zoom In/Out, Band ( peak ?? )   peaking.

   Status: bug fixing, band peaking. 

2. Molcalc  

Status: Ready. 

3. chem2D 

  chem2D can draw very simple structures

   TODO: MDL/MOL file saveing and loading. Zoom In/Out,  printing, import/Export Filters. Templates, etc.

   Status: bug fixing, writing File IO, rewritting 2D engine. 


Last updated 16/02/2002