Chemsuite - A suite designed for chemistry on Linux

Chemsuite is developed with Qt toolkit version 2.3.1. The GUI is build with QtDesigner and QtArch , but it is not required to compile Chemsuite. Chemsuite current release for development is 0.0.7, which is available to download at this site. 
Current development stage goals are finish chem2D, chemIR and internationalization.

Developers are: 
Ricardo Stefani, Rene Fosdal and Jeromi Panasel 


- Finish chemIR : write a jcamp-dx filter, correct some bugs, improve spectra edition.  

- Finish chem2D: more powerful editing tools, MDL/MOL filter, JCAMP/CS filter, CHM and SK2 filter.

- ChemModel3D: Start GUI programming 

- Start development of chemNMR (anyone ? ) 

- Start development of chemMC ( anyone ? ) 

If you want to contribute to Chemsuite in anyway, send an email to Chemsuite Staff

Sun Feb 17 2001